Time for beers on a patio

Drinking coffee. Reading Google News. Sitting in 1842. Corner table. Trying to think of something to write.
I was out in the garden this morning, planting some wildflowers, and using the Garden Hound (read: Garden Weasel) to till the ground after throwing seeds on it. That’s my contribution to the garden for this week. I bought the Garden Hound to turn compost occasionally, and to take the place of a regular tiller, which I definitely don’t need. I’m starting to collect a lot of different gardening tools, and am in need of a place to put them. I want to buy a shed, but I keep thinking that even if I finish the garage, and make it livable, I’ll still be storing shit in there. So I’m thinking of buying one of those plastic cabinets for gardening tools, so I can at least keep the garage a little organized. I don’t think I can afford a shed right now, and it seems a little unnecessary for my needs.
I’m going to buy some more of that cement caulking and see if I can finish sealing the walls in the garage. Once that’s done, I’m going to paint them with a waterproofing primer, and get that out of the way before I get into the floor-leveling thing. I’m beginning to question my cement skills since I filled that hole in the sidewalk. The patch is still not fully cured, and there’s a tire track and a dog’s footprint in it now. At least the next door kids haven’t put their hands in it. I don’t think that stuff’s good for skin. Heh, part of me was being paranoid about having the kids poke at the cement patch, and I was keeping an eye on it while it was drying. Granted, I did spend a long time making it smooth, and it was like trying to spread chewed gum with a trowel. But I really didn’t mind all that much — in fact, it’s something I would have done as a kid. So I was only keeping half an eye on the patch.
The cafe was almost empty when I got here, but now it’s filling up and people are starting to set themselves around the perimeter. It’s as if everyone’s afraid of sitting in the middle — like the sharks will get them, or something. I’m beginning to think they rotate the staff around here like crazy. Either that, or they have an enormous pool of staff to work from. Of the two women working here this morning, I recognize one, and I’ve only seen her here twice before in the past couple of weeks. My guess is that they have some of the bar and restaurant staff work here for the occasional shift, and since they’re University aged, they probably get some degree of turn-over. I keep forgetting this place is attached to the Huether and the Barley Works (and that unnamed karaoke place next door).
work’s really busy, and I’ve got a ton of things to do since the release. All these customers are coming out of the woodwork, all in a hurry to upgrade, for whatever reasons. There’s a lot of docs changes that need to be done, and there’s a few of post-release bugs being found. Hopefully I can get to everything that needs to be done this week, but I always feel like I’m slipping behind. It’s high time for some beers on a patio. Too bad the weather’s gotten cold again.