Huzzah – Saturday!

Starlight was a blast. Got some good dancing in, despite not drinking very much (just a RedBull and a Moosehead). Still haven’t re-developed my taste for alcohol.
A couple of the others felt we were overdoing it with Starlight, so we were discussing other options for future weeks: The Rev (if you were into teeny-boppers), Element (if you were into underage teeny-boppers), the Vault (if you were into off-duty cops), Phils (if you’re into drunk, sleazy chicks), and Flying Dog (cougars). That pretty much left Wax (but it reminds me too much of the bar in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” TV show), and Abstract (which is kind of weird on Fridays — goth chicks dancing to New Wave 80s tunes). Give me the cute, brainy-looking babes, dancing to Starlight’s funk tunes any day.
Going to see my parents today and kill 3 birds with one Hallmark card (actually 3 cards). My folks were in Europe for Mother’s Day (and my mom still managed to lay a guilt trip on me), so I need to get a card to her, plus a present for her birthday (coming up at the end of June). And it’s Father’s Day tomorrow, so my dad needs a new tie. It’ll be good to see them again.
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