Had a bit of a get-together last night. Did a sort of beatnik theme, so I had everyone dressing up in black, reading poetry, drinking cheap wine and expensive imported beer. Me, I dressed pretty much like I always do, but with Birkenstocks.
Apparently Beatniks eat loads of cheese and crackers, bring extra beer, and steal your chair as soon as you get up. Someone brought bongos, and slapped away into the night, while people read (yes, actually wrote, then read) their own poetry.
The party wound down around 3am, but not before a variety of intellectual topics were discussed, brownies and macaroons were consumed, and some serious chilling out was had.
L+R showed up from Toronto, eager for some chillin’ out, and remained here, chillin’ out until a few hours ago. Always good to see them again. They suggested we plan for that “Artists’ Retreat Weekend” I mentioned some time ago. I think it’s a great idea, and had entirely forgotten about it. I forget about lots of things, so it’s good to be reminded now and again.

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