Fionn MacCool’s Shisha

Eating some lunch in one of the Prime Pubs chain of Irish pubs. In Waterloo, we’ve got Paddy Flaherty’s and this one in Toronto. It’s a block away from this customer’s site I’m working from today. The food’s OK (the same as in Waterloo), and the Guinness is always welcome.
For some reason, the typical Irish tunes have been replaced by Johnny Cash, singing a cover of Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage”. Not that I’m complaining — actually quite the opposite. I’m a big Soundgarden fan, from back in my flannel-wearing days. I also love listening to the man in black.
I’ve just finished up at the customer site — they had me reconfiguring an IBM server for whatever reason. Now I’m wondering if I can get back to Wloo without getting stuck in traffic, or should I just chill for a bit. Probably going to do the former, since I’m pretty sure waiting for a couple hours would only make the driving worse.
Plus, there’s a goodbye dinner for a really cool VP at my old company. I’d really like to see her again, since she was one of the most competent VPs I’ve ever worked for. And she’s pretty cool too.
Also, it’s shisha night, and I’ve already missed it once. Not that I’m big into the whole shisha/hooka thing, but I *am* curious. Curious about what cherry-flavoured tobacco might taste like. Probably like smoking cough syrup or something equally implausible but I’ll give it a go.