Doors, Bars, Paint, and Batteries

Went looking at exterior pre-hung doors last night at Rona. Looks like I might be able to get a door to replace the tiny one at the back of the garage after all. Problem is, I can get a plain metal door, or I can wait 3-4 weeks for something nicer (and much more expensive). The opening at the back of the garage is only about 32.75″ wide, so it will only fit a 30″ door with a bit of shimming.
R was a little grumpy last night, and wondered if I’d ever finish the garage and the bar projects (which I haven’t really even started). She’s right though — I’m notorious for not getting things finished until there’s a deadline. And I often miss deadlines too.
But planning is important, and I’ve often gone into things without planning them properly. Thenet result is a half-assed attempt at something, which I might be able to pass off as good, but it’s never actually “good”. In order to help us plan, R downloaded some cool software from an Australian paint website. It allows you to take a digital image of a room (or a basement bar) and change the colour of paint on the walls and/or ceiling. Pretty cool, but a bit of a steep learning curve for the average person. Figured we could give it a try before painting the basement. R gets tired of colours really easily, and I really enjoy bold colours. I wanted to lay some heavy paint on the basement walls, and maybe make the room a mix of orange and blue (where did I get that colour scheme from?), but R wants a light grey, with black on the north walls, with orange behind the bar. Orange will definitely not work with the ugly green countertops, so they really need to go. The upside of this is that I can get a replacement countertop for about $99. So that just leaves the bar. We’re thinking some kind of tiles for that part.
Drinking at 1842 (double Americano), and my netbook is just about to run out of power. I was charging it the whole day yesterday, but the charger may not have been plugged in (just like me to miss a detail like that). I’m getting these pop-ups about power usage, and how I need to stop working immediately. Funny thing though, the nebook will run for about 8 hours on a single charge, and I’ve been getting weeks out of it without even getting to 50%. So, I’m only currently at 1/4 power, so I may have a good hour left on this charge. Note: change batteries when I get back to work.
The waitstaff at 1842 really like the new beard colour. Here I keep forgetting about the damn thing, and everyone I meet reminds me. I cut it shorter over the weekend (I was almost able to braid it), and I dyed it blue. The main thing is that the boss approves. That’s always a good sign.

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