Kaufman Flops

Finally got some work on the garage done yesterday. R and I were going around to Rona and Home Depot, doing some planning and browsing, and I finally put the plans in order to get the floor done and the walls framed. I’m looking at buying a crosscut circular saw and a nail gun this week. FYI, the ones at Sears are pretty crappy, and the one offered at Costco is certainly inexpensive, but it’s light and cheap-looking.
We got up early yesterday and walked over to City Cafe Bakery for some bagels. That was pretty fun. We always just arrive as the last batch goes in, so we always manage to get some bagels before they run out. People are so dissapointed when the bagels are gone. The unfortunate part of this early-morning walk is that I got a little sunburned. I was outside for a good part of the day, and even did a little yardwork. Now I’m shivering and sore — more hungover than I was on Saturday.
We stopped by the Kaufman Lofts after lunch. They’re the new thing going into the warehouse at King and Victoria, and their website was (for over a year) non-descript and uninformative. So when we saw that they had model lofts available, we paid them a visit. Apparently most of the lofts were sold or on hold within the first couple of weeks of them going on sale. The only ones left were these small, cramped, stylish 1 bedrooms, listing at $134k. I don’t know. Still pretty pricey for something located at King and Vic. I mean style is one thing — they’ve even got model Vespas and trendy-looking Shag-esque cartoons all over the place — but we’re talking about a narrow hallway separating 600sq ft of living space. In one of the models, there isn’t even a bedroom, per se, just a closet for the bed; two sliding walls meet at a corner, and that’s your door. We laughed at the “dining room” table, set for 8 — as if you could entertain 8 people in a place like that before cramming them all in at the table. You can’t even fit two people in the hallway at the same time.
Maybe once I’m finished the garage, I should sell it as a “loft condo”. It’s about 30’x12′, and with the space in the loft (yes, unlike the ones downtown, it has an actual loft), it might just match the floorspace of these Kaufman jobs.

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