Mel’s Diner

I’m at Mel’s. I’m cold. It must be 5 degrees in here.
I was up early this morning. R needed a drive to work, so I’ve got all this time to waste before going in. So I stopped in at Mel’s for some breakfast. The morning crew doesn’t know me, so I had the option of getting something *other* than the regular: Mel’s vegetarian, over medium, brown toast, and tomatoes. I got my regular anyway, but forgot to add “old style potatoes” and a bottle of Tabasco.
FYI, the new style homefries are terrible, like eating big chunks of half-melted wax.
I should probably head in a little early, just to make sure all the fires are put out from the blackout last night, but I was there really late, and I really hate troubleshooting printing problems and nebulous, sporadic network issues. Unfortunately, the two people who actually designed the network are away on holiday, and I’m the remaining resident expert.
Maybe I’ll just sneak over to HMV or Second Cup for a bit. Then I’ll head in.
(via Blackberry)

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