Almost Well

Finally getting over the cold/flu/fever/virus/bacterial infection thing. I’ve still no real appetite, though I remember from before when it’s time to eat (i.e. breakfast, lunch, dinner). Coffee still is uninteresting to me (sigh), and I’ve been mostly drinking juice and iced tea. I’m thinking that some of this has to do with the warm weather we’ve finally been getting, but I know it’s mostly the lingering sickness.
My energy level is up – aside from the embarrassing “almost passing out” incident on Sunday while working in the garage, I’ve been getting back to normal energy levels. Yeah, I overdid it on Sunday: it was hot, I was doing construction in the garage, I was dehydrated, and I hadn’t anything to eat that day, except a bagel and jam at City Cafe Bakery. I got all woozy, dropped everything, and quickly came inside. R gave me some juice, and I sat in the basement with my head between my knees until I could see again. Then I showered, and called it a day.
Other than that, Sunday was nice. It was a TV free day (been having a lot of those lately). We had a BBQ with asparagus, stuffed mushroom caps, veggie burgers, and gazpacho. Some friends came by, and we played games and chatted while jazz played. Great night.
Not willing to let the “almost passing out” thing deter me from working on the garage, I set about framing the walls last night. I was able to get one wall done (with that cewl power-actuated hammer). I wanted to show/remind R that I’m committed to finishing the garage/studio, and I expect to get the walls framed and insulated by July. I’ve got some minor electrical work to do while I’m framing — I want to extend an outlet to the far wall, and take one outlet outside, so the pond fountain can plug into it without running this massive extension cord in through the door. I’ve been toying with the idea of putting in some baseboard heaters too — I’ve got two in the basement of the house, which we never use, and which I need to remove if I want to redo the bar. So, I was thinking I could get an electrician to wire them up in the garage (likely on a separate circuit), so that I’ve got a source of heat in the winter without having to go and obtain a new heating system. At this point, I’m only toying with the idea, so it’s no biggie.

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