Darwinian Construction

Getting the car serviced today. The Nissan lady guilted me into getting an oil change. I was going in for a brake inspection, just to keep things in shape for this weekend. Going whitewater rafting, and have to drive a ways to get there. But Nissan had one look at my previous history, and suggested that a year between oil changes was quite enough, thank you very much. So I’m getting new oil too. Wait until they see the snow tires.
Did a little electrical work on the garage last night, during the thunderstorm. I call it Extreme Construction … or maybe Darwinian Construction — they should make a TV show out of it. More than likely, it’s already been done. I figure any world which gives you a TV show of hobos duking it out has probably already done the whole extreme construction thing. Anyway, the garage/studio now has an external electrical plug for the pond and the garden lights. So I’ve got that and a floor, and one wall framed. Not too shabby. Just need to get the rest of it done. As long as the money holds out, I’m golden.

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