Revenge of the Tired

(Sigh) I deleted my post just now. I was typing along on this dumb little Blackberry (which apparently wasn’t well designed for Internet typing), and I inadvertently backed out of a post. You know how on IE, if you hit Backspace, it’ll take you back to a previous page, instead of doing what you ALWAYS mean to do — go back ONE character?! Well, it’s the same on this little device, except you need to press “function+backspace”. This is pretty easy to do, if, for example, you’re typing numbers, or anything else which requires the function key (such as parentheses, or commas — or hyphens, or half the *#?!@ keys on this thing).
Well, it’s not like I was typing anything meaningful, like getting a bootleg copy of “Revenge of the Sith” (with timecodes and everything), watching in horror at how Lucas decided to finish off the damn series. Nope, I was simply talking about tires; how I was going to finally buy new all-season tires for my car. Yup tires. Rather than have to try talking about the third, dismal “film” in the tragic prequel series of Star Wars, I was writing about how an expert determined that my snow tires had enough tread for another season.
Yes, I plainly and repeatedly went on about how I’d never see this film, and I later qualified my statement to say, “either someone will have to pay me money and buy me a ticket before I’ll see this film, or someone will have to hand me a pirated copy of this film on dvd.”
And so, it happened. I bought new tires. They’re GoodYear Assurance Triple-Treads. Good all-season performance tires. The nice people at McArthur Tire will be putting these on Saturday morning.

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