Killarney Camping Pics

Back from camping in Killarney. Seriously, I could have stayed another week. However, with our food reserves, we probably could have only realistically stayed another day. But it was terrific being away from everything for a few days. Got some great pictures, and I borrowed a G**gle map to help explain where we went.
We took the $400 canoe (still unnamed). It did not sink like a stone as some skeptics predicted.
We started at the Bell Lake access point, and made our way all the way up to the north arm of Balsam Lake. If you want a little privacy, this is the spot; it’s the only site on the whole north arm, and though it’s near two portages, you’re likely to get only about 1 canoe a day passing by.
And that means streaking! HUZZAH!
Here’s a pic of the destination. Big chunk of rock. Don’t bother with tent pegs, unless it gets windy — and it will. Luckily, that means no mosquitos, but a few persistent deer flies (ow!).
If you take the back-breaking 600m portage (up a hill and then down again), you can travel to the mountain and climb it. If you like inukshuks, you’ll be pleased with the scenery.
At night the water got deathly still and the wind stopped (save one night, where it almost blew our cooking tarp away). I got this fantastic picture of the full moon. Unfortunately, my camera’s not good enough to take a colour picture at night — especially freehand. Luckily, my camera is good enough to see in the dark: