Ghosts of Camping Trips Past

Was digging up some pics for a project, when I came across some pictures I took in Algonquin park a couple of years back. We’re thinking of going back there (or to Parry Sound, or somewhere), so I thought it might be good to post some of these to get me in the mood. Also, I looked pretty silly, so I enjoy showing off silly pictures of myself.
I bought this cewl lamp in the outfitters place, after it was discovered that my maglight was not only dead, but the batteries had melted, fusing the whole thing into one piece. A vise and a pipe wrench weren’t able to unscrew the bottom cap.
Naturally, R was with us. She’s always smiling in pictures. She never smiles otherwise.
Also, my good friend Elbie. He was into being lazy like the rest of us. A fun time was had by all. Even if we didn’t get to do off-road cycling.

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