Ultimate Habbo Cheats

Here’s something that got me thinking. Many of the people hitting my site are looking for help with Habbo Hotel (often, looking for “ultimate Habbo Hotel cheats”). Habbo’s this weird, yet kitschy online chatroom where you play a little Lego-esque avatar, and walk them through this big hotel, getting scammed by every little 13 year old in Britain. Often getting hit on by them too.
Why, if you do a search on Google com for “how to change your habbo hotel character into a sith lord”, you get my site on the first try. I’m still not sure I’m ranked first on this search, but what can you do? Certainly I’m not the source for “ultimate Habbo Hotel cheats”.
So, I figured I’d help out by giving you some tips on said ultimate cheats for Habbo Hotel.


Here’s the guide to all the ultimate Habbo cheats there are!


Newsflash … there are no “ultimate” cheats on Habbo Hotel. Quit searching for them. The most you’re gonna find on there are a bunch of scams from losers who (for some unknowable reason) want your furniture (or furni). Since you’ve got to pay for furniture, it becomes sort of a currency in the game, and it’s a status sign if you can amass a lot of it — especially if you didn’t pay for it.
And don’t give out your password, loser. Why would anyone ask for your password, except to steal your account? Remember that the people who run the game/chatroom thing are the ones that assigned your password to you — they can change it at will.

Anyone offering the “ultimate” cheats for Habbo Hotel is scamming you. It will likely be that you need to give them a piece of furniture, or your password, or some money.
I hope this helps out a little. I’m a big fan of innovative virtual reality technologies and fun internet chatrooms. So I like the idea of Habbo Hotel. However, I think that taking advantage of a game (using “god mode” or some other ultimate kind of cheat) is fine at home, but it sucks if you do this online, and other people are hurt by your actions.

One Response to “Ultimate Habbo Cheats

  • james shaw
    19 years ago

    hey i found away 2 clone furni credz and habbos at the same timm believe me this is no scam if u send me an email wit ur username and password then i can clone ur stuff and i mean every thing
    my email is [email removed]
    p.s 2 clone furni and credz u need 2 have furni and credz
    email me it really works my best m8 told me it and whos my best m8 u ask well none other than the hotel manager