Hammering Time

Got a chance to go home early yesterday. It was nice. Also wasn’t obliged to look at the pager for the first time in a while. That was also nice. I’d been working away Saturday night/Sunday morning, trying to get a demo server in Thailand running — over MSN, of all things.
Instead of taking a nap, like I needed, I went and finished up the last of the insulating boards in this round of garage-to-studio conversion. It went pretty well. The biggest problem right now is the lack of space in the garage, and the second biggest problem is the lack of funds. I’ve still got about half of the walls to do, and the foam boards take up a lot of space. Plus, I can’t really do a good job until I replace the door and window. Luckily, I don’t have the money for that, so I’ve reached a kind of equilibrium for the moment.
I’ve also got some art projects on my mind, so I may get to work on them while I’m waiting for the bank account to refill. I’ve got some room left in the garage, and can always clear away some of the construction materials. I can also incorporate some of them into the little side projects I’m thinking about.
R bought a neat little hammock the other day, while we were at MEC in Toronto. We’d only stopped in for about 20 min before they closed — we were driving S to the airport for a rental van pickup, and hit MEC on the way. So, the hammock got setup in the hosta-choked hollow in the back yard. R plans on sleeping in it this weekend. It’s actually a nice hammock — really light — it would make a great addition to a canoe trip. It’s made of strong parachute material, and is two-toned blue. The big drawback for me is that it looks a little too much like MC Hammer’s pants got caught in a tree. A little weird, no?

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