Weekend Pager War

I was a little down yesterday, but I took a soma holiday (I made these great peanut butter and butterscotch cookies — I had to restrain myself from eating more than one) and watched “Jedi” and some Futurama episodes. R was out the whole day — gone to see a play with some friends — so I just kicked back and let the day pass by. Got some extra sleeping done too. It made up for some of the late night pages I’ve been getting this week.
I got paged Friday night, when we went to the Purple Room at the Rev. Typical. Even if the music was good, I couldn’t enjoy it, and I had to stay sober. Spent the whole night directing my techs via BlackBerry. I pissed off R a little while doing it, but I was in no mood for dealing with anything. I think I pissed off my techs too.
Today was a little better. Still got paged all weekend long, but I was able to get to Home Despot, and get some needed stuff for the garage. Still not sure how I’m going to do the roof insulation — I’ve got 2×4 rafters (it’s a garage, after all), but everyone says I need to allow soffit vents and ridge vents so the insulation won’t rot (or whatever it is that fibreglass does when it goes bad). Problem is, there are no soffit vents, and no ridge vents, and no room on the rafters to allow an inch of airspace. There’s also the problem of the ridge doesn’t run the entire length of the roof, so some spaces can’t be vented.
My thinking is that this garage is not going to be used for living space, and there’s no heater, either, so I shouldn’t worry about it. It would be cheaper to just put insulation in the rafters, and get at least a good R13 up there. Treat it like a summer/winter cottage. I’ll eventually put in an east-facing skylight which I can open for some summer ventilation.

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