GTO gas station Timmies

I’m at the Timmies at the GTO station, on King and Northfield. It seemed like the only cheap lunch place where I could read and/or blog from. Since there are no newspapers (just those crappy Coffee Time newsletters), I’m blogging.
I ordered a small black coffee and an “everything” bagel with butter. Total cost: $2.10. I should have brought my own lunch, but then again, I should’ve biked to work. BTW, it’s like they dunked the bagel in butter. Dunkin’ Bagels.
I’ll probably stop by the LCBO and get a couple of wine crates — I’ll need them for the wine batch that’s being made for me. You really don’t actually make the wine at those do-it-youself places. That’s a little unfortunate, but it would certainly seem to cater to busy people who want cheap personalized wine in 4 weeks.
R’s first day of classes is today, and she seems really apprehensive about it. I would be too, and that’s why I’m not the one in the MBA program. I’ll probably do some more studio stuff tonight, until she gets home. I’ve done more work on the loft floor, and I’m almost done with the insulation. It’s at this point where I’ve really got to decide whether I want the skylight or not, though I suppose it could be done next year. Who knows, maybe ill have to redo the whole roof while I’m at it.
I am looking into getting some bright fluorescents in there. I’d like to get some recessed fixtures in place, and maybe a thin-mount single tube at the roof peak to illuminate the loft, if I need to.
Well, back to the grind.

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