Rusty Nails and Obscenities

I got some more work on the garage/studio yesterday. Finished insulating the soffits and clearing mouldy junk out of the loft. I started laying some more plywood flooring and stowing the “good” junk out of the path of construction. Had to keep my head low because of the risk of rusty roofing nails. I’ve banged my head a couple of times so far, and don’t enjoy looking like a cenobite.
Of course, after I buy a bale of insulation, we visit S and A at their new fixer-upper, and S offers me a couple of bales of Roxul Flexibat, that cool mineral wool I’ve been looking for, but is never around. He may have too much for what I need at this point.
They’ve made a lot of progress on their house — I’m really impressed; they’ve had to rebuild just about every room. They’re even using my studio project as a template for rebuilding their garage! Awww, makes me feel good.
After we picked them up, we went to see “The Aristocrats” at the Princess Twin. Everyone but me went in without knowing much about the film — that it was about a joke or something. No one had a clue about how obscene it was going to be, or how funny. I really liked it; there’s something about seeing off-duty comedians telling dirty jokes to each other. I’m still laughing at the thought of Robin Williams’ impersonation of a foul-mouthed physicist (“it’s a muon, you cunt!”).
The language was bad, it’s true. The thing is, that they were only words. No one was hurt in the film, there was no violence, etc. There’s something almost charming, and definitely inoffensive about a comedian who’s *trying* to be offensive. Which is why I found it a little strange when three people walked out of the show, some 20 minutes into it. I’m thinking it’s not going to get any more offensive than it already has. I even joked to R: “Who goes into this film without knowing what it’s about?” She laughed and said, “we did.”