Fool in the Cafe

Reading Matt Ruff’s “Fool on the Hill” in 1842, this morning. Taking a break from all the Burroughs books, though I hope to get back into “The Ticket that Exploded” sometime in the future. “Fool on the Hill” is a bit more fantastic and whimsical. It’s very much like a Neil Gaiman book, without all the dreary foreboding (at least so far).
Trying out some pictures from this new Treo handheld from work. I’m really envious of its clear, crisp, bright screen, and its long-lived batteries. I’m not envious of its hard-to-use keyboard, lack of a Graffiti window, and inability to beam images to an older PalmOS, such as 4.1, which is my Kyocera 7135. If only the 7135 could be upgraded to some neat new software, it would still be my bulky phone of choice.
The camera on the Treo is about as good as I’ve seen on a cell-phone — a little less sharp than the RAZR’s (heh – sharp … RAZR). I do like the ability to click an image and then send it via email. It was easier to do this than on the RAZR.

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