New window opens

I framed and shimmed the new casement window into the studio yesterday. It’s now fixed in place, with only a few complications — one being that the installation instructions don’t mention how to install a casement window, and the other being the generally vague instructions for installing any kind of window. I soon figured it out, and added an extra screw for the left side, since this is where the most shear stress occurs when the window is opened. Otherwise it’s pretty nice. I just need to get some more exterior trim on it and then it can be insulated.
Been watching season one of “Carnivale” the past couple of nights. It was an expensive buy, but it’s turning out to be a very cool series. Sure it’s full of Xtian references and crazy paranormal jazz, but it’s the stuff of television, and it displaces itself from the normal world — it’s fine to have fantasy in a fantastical world, where it’s plausible. When people bring fantasy into the real world, people invariable get hurt or exploited. That’s one of the funny things about “Carnivale” — that it’s a travelling side-show carnival, and they make a living exploiting the “rubes,” even without any paranormal skills. In this group, it’s easier to hide their paranormal abilities and exploit through trickery and deception than it is to actually use their powers to amaze, or heal, or to help others.

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