Getting the cat fixed

Originally uploaded by Zuckervati.

I was up a little early this morning. Had to take China (the white cat who lives with me) to the vet for some cat plastic surgery. Her nose was a little too big, and if she wants to get anywhere in the modeling business, she’s got to have a cute little nose, like those cats on the toilet paper ads. Actually, it was her left eye we were concerned about; she got into a fight with the other cat (Athena, the black one), and got a cut on her eyelid, which caused the eyelashes to bend inward to her cornea. It was getting regularly infected, and we were worried about the cornea getting scratched, so eventually I called the vet to arrange a little operation where they take a small chunk of skin out from below the eye. It makes the eye a little wider, so it should address the eyelash problem,and it should help even out her overall appearance — the left eye has always been a little smaller since she was a kitten. She’d had a few eye infections in years previous, so this may actually help in the future. Also, it’s kind of neat to say your cat’s getting plastic surgery. If all goes well, we’ll pick her up this afternoon, and she gets to wear a lampshade on her head for a couple of days.

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