Wineries and Gromit

Went on a winery tour in the Niagara region yesterday. Not exactly a great day for a trip around the Golden Horseshoe — quite rainy — but we had a lot of fun during the trip. We visited several wineries, attended a seminar on wine-making, got a pleasant buzz, and bought several bottles of wine for later. We had a DD driving us around so we bought him dinner back in Kitchener.
We met up with a bunch of friends at the Three Kretans, and then later met up with C, C, and J at the Frederick Twin cinema for the latest Wallace and Gromit film. It was a fun film, clever and funny, full of dry British humour. It was a full-length film, but easily as funny as the previous W&G films, and it never seemed slow at all.
After the film, we headed for the Timmies at Frederick and Lancaster to discuss the film as well as a variety of topics. We drank coffee, drew pictures, made origami, and had a lot of fun being sociable.
I am now looking forward to being just a little anti-social today, perhaps working on my garage and getting the door finished up. Yesterday was perhaps a little *too* social. I have to work myself up to a day like that.

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