Rich, Colombian vacation

Spent the last week in San Andres, which is apparently part of Colombia. Had a most excellent non-X-mas there, drinking Coco Locos, booting around the island in a golf cart, and otherwise making a nuisance of myself. Got some pictures to prove it.
First, the obligatory picture of me in a hotel room, to prove I left my house:
This is my hotel in the back, there. It’s five minutes from the airport, if you’re a sand crab. Planes were taking off every couple of hours right over my head:
Even though we were in the tropics, there was still a lot of X-mas crap lying around. We even saw Santa drinking in a bar:
There was a lot to see from the back of a golf cart. This beautiful spot was on the road to San Luis. It was just about to rain a monsoon down on us:
This was our most common sight from the safety of the Decameron Mary Land hotel’s pool bar. It’s a wee island called Johnny Cay, just of the north tip of San Andres:

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