Dinner at the Mongolian Fish Sticker Grill

Was visiting my mom and dad yesterday. My brother was in town, flashing pictures of his baby (which I apparently do not have permission to publish on the Internet), and so it was a chance for the family to get together for a cozy meal. At Mongolian Grill. OK, the ‘Grill’ was a bit of a last minute thing, and it was my parents’ first time there, so the learning curve was a little high, but we all enjoyed it. Nothing really worth blogging about.
What was worth blogging about was the discovery of an X-tian fish on my mom’s car when I pulled into the driveway. I’m beginning to think she’s rebelling against my (lack of) faith.
My dad told me not to stir anything up, citing that she found religion later in life, and now wants to get in on some of the stuff she may have missed when she was younger. I pointed out that the idea of the Darwin fish was to dilute the meaning of the X-tian fish, which it has done admirably. Dad said that maybe her fish was an attempt to dilute my fish, specifically. I begged to differ.
All the same, I remembered how my father did a more than adequate job of sheltering us from religion when we were growing up, so I was indebted to him. No mention of the fish came out, except these cewl pictures.