Freezing in the dark depths of the cosmic bowl

Chilling at 1842 this morning. Literally chilling — it’s -10 outside, and there are whiteout conditions on King St. I parked on Princess, beside the Jane Bond, and couldn’t even see King St. from my car. I’ll upload a picture in a little while. Guess I’d better finish up with the vapour barrier in the studio loft. I may also need a bigger heater.
Really enjoying this high-speed internet in 1842. I’ve made some tweaks to the NetBook, so I can now post MissingLinks entries from this browser. The IE browser on this device is pretty crappy, and isn’t able to do a lot of simple things, such as right-click on an image, or reload a page properly, or even copy a link embedded in a page. But it does, at least, support JavaScript, etc., so can get some things to work if I play around a bit.
Went to Classic Indian last night for some Veggie Madras and some Cauliflower Manchoorian (sic). Then did a little cosmic bowling at Frederick Lanes. Heh. I still don’t understand how listening to loud Bon Jovi and Britney Spears under a blacklight is anyone’s definition of “cosmic”. I’ll have to come back when I’m stoned; maybe it will make sense then.

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