Blogging at Tim’s

I’m at the Tim Hortons at Davenport and Northfield. I’ve got a Maple Dip and a medium black coffee. Reading through a discarded copy of “The Record”, or whatever’s left of it, which includes the classifieds, the business section, and the local news, plus some advertising insert. There’s nothing interesting in any of them, unless you’re looking for a Mac PowerPC G3 for $225. Thought I’d try a couple of different coffee places around town for a change, though I seem to remember why I don’t usually hang out at Timmies in the morning. Had something to do with the huge lineups, and the door opening and closing constantly, letting the cold air in. Currently, the lineup stands at 15 people, all of them looking for some of that liquid gold that’s available here. I’m not normally one to sing the praises of the coffee at these places, but it’s so ubiquitous, so familiar. It’s where you go if you want a cup of coffee. Lowercase “c” coffee, of course.
People keep looking at me strangely, too, so I’m going to put the NetBook away and start reading (I know, I know… who reads at a Tim Hortons?).

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