Writing about thinking about writing

Thinking of doing some more serious writing again; this happens once or twice a year, and normally I do nothing about it, except perhaps watching a movie or something. It doesn’t help that the movie I chose to watch was “Barton Fink”. Or perhaps it did help a little. Writing from the soul just doesn’t seem to be a popular theme in modern literature — maybe in Canadian literature, but I’m trying to be serious here. OK … it’s true: I’m never serious about anything. People say that’s one of my charms.
Anyway, when the urge to write hits me, I often try scribbling some notes down on any available piece of paper, or the nearest NetBook within my reach. I’ve never gone very far with anything, though I’ve written about 10 short stories since high school, a couple of chapters for a novel, half a screenplay, and one or two single-act plays (if you can call them that). Now, I’ve gotten it in my head that I can write an actual novel. Don’t worry … it will pass soon enough, and I’ll be back to doing things with computers in no time.