Insulation just about finished

Spent the day mucking around on insulating the overhead door (I’m trying not to use the word “garage” in reference to my studio project — thinking positively). My main problem was I wanted to use up the leftover Roxul mineral wool, and cover it up with foil-coated bubble wrap and metal tape. Unfortunately, mineral wool is really heavy, and so is the bubble wrap, so needless to say, when I opened the door up, all the insulation fell out. I decided to use some exterior carpet tape and some pop-rivets, and the thing’s holding quite well now. Still looks a little spacey, what with the metallic bubble wrap … but hey. The loft ceiling will also be covered with a foil-covered vapour barrier, and eventually, so will the walls. I think the whole thing’s going to look like a good Star Trek set. Actually, the foil has a great side-effect of letting more light into the loft, so it’s quite nice up there right now. There’s only a few more spots left without insulation, and I’ll get them covered up in the next couple of days or so, and then we’re done — all insulated for the winter.