Man Seeks Coffee – Talks About Car

I no good writing the morning.
(sigh) I feel like I’m not able to do any writing this morning — neither physically capable of typing on this little NetBook, nor mentally capable at stringing two words together. I was desperately needing coffee (and, as usual, didn’t feel like making any at home), so I drove over to 1842 for a double espresso (yesterday morning, I was reading at Starbucks … I got to use my Starbucks gift card for the first time). The noise caused by the cat rubbing her plastic headcone on the wall kept waking me up last night. At least my pager wasn’t going off every 15 minutes.
It’s raining a whole lot this morning. The view from the window shows a drenched Princess St., with a small river flowing downhill towards King. I think I just saw some lightning behind the heavy clouds. My car is parked just in front of Zen Gardens, the vegetarian Asian restaurant. The restaurant fronts onto King St., but it’s got a bright jade-coloured side entrance on Princess. I never see anyone in the windows of the side entrance, but in the previous restaurant incarnation, that room was a jazz lounge of some sort. Zen’s got some good food, and they recently changed their menus — prices went up a little, and you can no longer get sushi there.
It occurs to me, as the rain picks up again, that I haven’t had to wash my car all summer. It could do with a vacuum, though. Also, I want to get the dent in the back fixed up, and clean off the residue of that Linux bumper sticker that fell off earlier this year. The car’s got a leaky gasket at the back of the engine, but no oil’s dripped out yet. That’s going to cost a lot when it finally breaks. There’s a lot that needs fixing on the car, but there’s a lot that’s already been done to it. One of the most useful things I’ve ever bought for the car was the Thule roof rack. I may not get my bike on it very often, but I’ve used the rack for moving plywood, doors, windows, and construction waste for the garage. It’s a necessity if you want to take a canoe up to Algonquin, and I even helped move a friend’s couch with it. I think my next car will be a truck. Something good on gas, but with a lot of storage. Maybe a hybrid pickup, or something. Hrmmm. Maybe not.

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