Weekend? What weekend?

Spent the better part of my entire weekend at work. My company’s moved their entire operation to another location. It began Thursday evening, and I was pretty much involved from day one in the planning stage. We took turns in the server room, since everyone had a different specialty; one would work on the routers and smart hubs, one would work on the firewall, one would run the cables, and one would setup the workstations and coordinate with the contractors. I did a little of everything, including pulling spent power supplies out of dead servers and digging replacements out of the moving crates. I was thinking of getting a few pictures up of the new server room. It’s still a little messy, and a bit of a cabling nightmare — we bought 25′ cables, thinking that we’d need the extra length to run across the room and up the rack, but we had a good 5-10 extra feet per cable, resulting in several large bundles. We used a lot of velcro to keep the beast in check.
I’m probably going to head into work a little earlier today just to put out a few fires. Overall, I clocked about 23 hours. That includes an emergency page from my Dreaded Customer’s servers on Saturday morning.

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