Murdering X-mas

Thought this was an appropriate title for a blog entry, what with all the right-wing hyperbole about how liberals are murdering X-mas.
Our company X-mas party was a murder mystery dinner at the Aberfoyle Mill this year. The show was kind of fun, and some of the staff really got into the roles assigned to them, but I think they lead us on a bit, giving us too many hints at who-had-done-it. Fourteen amateur sleuths correctly guessed the murderer, and many others got hung up on a cheap red herring — the stiff was murdered with poison, but there were two bottles found on his person, and you really had to be sitting at a given table to know which one was safe and which was poisoned. I dressed in a tweed jacket to help the mood of the evening, and drank a few glasses of scotch (also, to help the mood of the evening).
Here’s a cool pic of the evening. I sepia-toned the image because of the unflattering flash used in the original image.

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