I don’t do Valentine’s Day

That’s what the server here at 1842 just said. I don’t do it either.
At least, I didn’t this year. Nor did I do St. Patrick’s Day last year, although it’s an easy excuse for drinking. I can’t really get into these contrived holidays — not holidays, but celebration days. I’m pretty sure that V-Day (the romantic one, not the WWII day, which has a lot more meaning) was simply contrived by the flower growers/card makers/chocolate factories/diamond cutters consortium, in a blatant attempt to sell more flowers/cards/chocolates/diamonds. Either that, or it’s sort of the human equivalent to the vulcan sex ritual. Yes, if your love life needs a little spicing up, buy her some chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and you can do the Pon Farr — if you’re lucky.
I got an easy bye from V-Day a couple of weeks back: R had previous plans. She and some girlfriends went to the ballet last night (apparently the ballet sucked — no wonder no one likes going to the ballet). She remarked that the restaurant was full of couples, all dressed up, and all looking uncomfortable having to be dressed up. So what did I do? I was loading servers into the server rack in the basement. Finally got that Netfinity server mounted — all 50 kilos of it. Damn, that thing was heavy. But it looks good, and the room looks a little bigger now. I’ve still got to rearrange the furniture and paint it, but it should be looking pretty cewl and geeky soon. Yes, I’m aware of the irony in that last statement.

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