Layton’s got my vote back

Like I promised. But I’m warning him… Bang, Zip! Straight to the moon, Jack!
Actually, the election outcome was pretty much what I figured it was going to be. What I wasn’t expecting was Martin’s resignation. If a party leader resigned every time they lost a vote, well, Harper would have been fired three times already.
In any case, I’m willing to see where this goes. The absolute worst case scenario is that Harper implements a bunch of good stuff, and then gets re-elected to a majority government.
Actually, a worse case would be something like: Belinda Stronach turns out to be a clever plant by the Conservatives, whose “defection” was just enough to form a crippled Liberal government, so that more scandals could be uncovered, and the government toppled. This, in turn, would force the resignation of leader, Paul Martin, and the rise of Belinda Stronach as the new leader. Her first act as leader is to disband the Liberal party and defect back to the now all-powerful Neo-Conservative party. Heil Harper. Oh, just kidding, folks. Geez.
So, as I was saying … the current government is fine. We’ll see how it plays out. Hope to god I don’t have to say “I told you so…”

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