Driving “The Wedge” between science and people

This is pretty weird, interesting, and depressing all at once. The very cool newspaper, “Seattle Weekly”, printed in full a leaked copy of “The Wedge”. It’s the Discovery Institute’s 1998 document outlining a strategy to promote intelligent design. It’s hard to believe that DI (a religious Seattle think tank) launched the modern intelligent-design movement with a simple memo. What’s harder to believe is that not only did the idea evolve into a media sensation, but that the memo appears to be foreshadowing the completion of DI’s short-term goals. Whether we all smarten up and prevent the long term goals from succeeding remains to be seen.
DI’s goals are simple, and quite destructive to science:
Governing Goals:

  1. To defeat scientific materialism, and its destructive moral, cultural and political legacies
  2. To replace materialistic legacies with the theistic understanding that nature and human beings are created by God.

The paper’s also got some nifty related stories, including a brief history of intelligent design, and information on the memo’s original distribution on the ‘Net, including a story on the guys who originally leaked the memo, back in 1999. Yes, 1999. Can you believe it? That DI’s original goals were released on the Internet over half a decade ago, and it hasn’t stopped them from accomplishing their 5 year plan? Luckily, people are starting to recognize where this is heading, and are trying to put a stop to it. I just hope we react a little faster when the memo about replacing cheese with Soylent Green comes out.

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