Utah, shoes, and plasticized corpses

Back from Utah — actually, I was back on Friday, but I’ve been lazy about posting anything.
Spent the weekend being sociable, not doing much work at all. But it’s been especially rainy this weekend, which doesn’t bode well for those out doing yardwork, or trying to get dry materials back from the building centre. So we were being sociable. We tried to get up to the Ontario Science Centre for the Body Works exhibit — that one where they display all the cadavers in various states of inner-organ exposure. We didn’t get in, since apparently people are more macabre than we give them credit for.
Spent Saturday afternoon at the John Fluevog store, but nothing was screaming out at me. Actually that’s not true — many of the shoes were screaming out at me, but none were saying “buy me”, or “I’ll go with anything you wear”, or “I’m inexpensive”. Mostly they were screaming “hey, I’m garish, check me out”, and “you’ll look foolish if you buy me!” I own a pair of Fluevogs, and they’re absolutely terrific, but there was nothing currently on display that looked even slightly out of place in a jester’s shoe closet.
Visited a couple of clubs and bars, both in Toronto and Waterloo, and pretty much slacked the rest of the weekend.
Utah was pretty weird. Their liquor laws are as esoteric and as draconian as any in Ontario and Manitoba, etc. They have a state-run liquor store, (sounds familiar),but it closes at 6pm; and you can’t have more than one drink at a time on your table … they will not set another drink down until you’re finished your current drink; and hard liquor is served in “clubs”, for which you have to buy a membership before ordering anything. I transfered in Minneapolis/St. Paul, and they’re just as weird — in the airport bar, they are allowed/required to upsell you on your order (hey hon, want a shooter to go with that beer for another $2?). Now that’s something we could learn over here.

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