An end to the chaos

The dog will be going home soon. That’s a bit of a relief, although I’m a little sad to see her go. No really.
The dog’s been an interesting house guest. And reasonably well-behaved, if you discount the chasing of the cats, the barking at everything, the excited peeing (she pissed three times yesterday while I was alone with her). I think it’s pretty fair to discount all that, since it *is* typical dog-like behaviour — though I’m sure the peeing can be controlled with time and training. When she wasn’t doing all that stuff, she was really quite fun to have around. I’ll admit that.
The problems were still worth noting: I’m allergic to dogs. I can’t have them around without getting itchy rashes, or having breathing problems. It’s something I won’t easily be able to overcome. Also, there’s the cats; I can’t have a dog while the cats are around — it’s just that simple. And finally, there’s that great big lifestyle change you have to make. It’s like having a clingy girlfriend or a child. While R’s working on her MBA, and I’m working on my art studio, and we both have full-time jobs, a dog (or a child, for that matter) won’t work for us.

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