More chaos

Well, the little dog is taking some getting used to. First is the constant peeing in the house, and not outside when she’s supposed to. The second thing is the constant peeing whenever she gets excited, which is whenever anyone visits or comes home after work, or touches her. The third is the barking; barking at me when I come home, barking at the cats, barking at, oh, say … just about anything. The fourth is the constant whining (outright wailing) for attention when it’s not given to her. That includes a caterwauling like my cats have never made at bedtime and in the morning (and at some point in the middle of the night).
(note that the cage is something the dog sleeps in normally. I’m not a cruel person)
My cats, on the other hand, are quite low maintenance, and I love them all the more for it. Sure they whine in the morning, or sit on my chest and purr while I’m trying to sleep, but they’ve never urinated on the floor when I came into the room. They may not be very good at playing catch (actually, Athena plays a great game of catch), but I don’t need to be with them every single moment of the day.
And, to reiterate, my cats do not urinate when they see me.

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