Origami Anyone?

Oh, this had better be what I think it is… Finally I can use something a little more up to date than the Netbook.
CBS News | Origami Anyone? | March 1, 2006 – 16:34:53
Thereâ..s been a lot of speculation about Microsoftâ..s Origami Project, fueled in part by a Microsoft-owned Web site that says almost nothing, but promises more information on Thursday, March 2, 2006.
Word on the Net is that the Origami Project is a code name for an upcoming handheld device that is like a tablet PC, only smaller. Microsoft is remaining mum on details but has repeatedly said that is working with manufacturers on a variety of different-sized handheld devices.
A video on the YouTube.com site shows such a device in action. Microsoft reportedly has confirmed that it produced the video but says that itâ..s old footage and not necessarily a preview of any product in the works.
The Associated Press reported Tuesday that Microsoft has confirmed that is planning an “ultra-mobile PC device.”