Long-shot dating made doable

Oh, so I should dress well? Huh… who knew?
MSN Dating & Personals – Long-shot dating made doable
Look good, even if youâ..re not great-looking
So what if youâ..re not drop-dead gorgeous yourself? Strauss says he lacks obvious physical charms, but that his confidence and charisma more than compensate. â..Girls would meet me and be initially disappointed, but I would still win them over,â. says Strauss. â..You donâ..t have to be good-lookingâ..you just have to act good-looking.â. Accomplish this by wearing flattering clothing (ask a straight-shooting salesperson to put you in a casual date outfit if youâ..re not sure what looks best on you), walking tall, smiling at strangers, holding eye contact, and otherwise acting like you own the room. So raise your standards, hone your inner charm, and go for the cutie already!