Rape accused ‘had sex with wrong woman’

Wrong, indeed … Yikes!
Rape accused ‘had sex with wrong woman’ – Top stories – Breaking News 24/7 – NEWS.com.au
A man who claims he mistakenly had sex with “the wrong woman” after entering a dark bedroom at the home of a Sydney magazine editor was yesterday committed to stand trial for rape.
Paul John Chappell, 31, was invited back to the editor’s Bondi flat after they met during a night out.
The pair went to bed and Mr Chappell later got up to use the bathroom.
But Mr Chappell claims he mistakenly returned to the wrong bedroom, where the editor’s 23-year-old flatmate was asleep.
He got into bed with the flatmate and initiated sex, allegedly believing she was the other woman.
The flatmate participated because she thought it was her own boyfriend who had come to bed after falling asleep in the loungeroom.
When she turned on the light, the “hysterical” woman saw Mr Chappell in her bed and realised her boyfriend was still asleep on the couch.
Mr Chappell intends to plead not guilty to one count of sexual intercourse without consent.

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