Weekend Fun – Gardening with Fire

Had a pretty good weekend. L+R came down for a break from their hectic Toronto lifestyle, many gardening supplies were purchased at the Belgian Nursery in Breslau, and R (not of L+R fame) juggled fire in Victoria Park while I got bitten by mosquitos.
OK, it wasn’t actually juggling, but it was a flaming ball on a string which she was swinging around her head. Still … pretty impressive. I tried out one of the practice balls, and hit myself in the face with it, so there was no way I was going to use the fire one. Apparently R has hooked up with a bunch of Cirque d’Hippies from her bellydancing class, and they’ve gone on to do more flamboyant tricks and feats with their dancing. R wants me to learn drumming so I can accompany her while she dances, presumably providing that added drama when she starts throwing fire around.
L+R have just moved into their new place on “The Danforth” (shudder). I hate calling it “The Danforth”. Makes it sound like the street is referring to itself in the 3rd person, like it’s more important than Broadview, or Gerrard, or Carlton. Imagine calling it “The Carlton”. Of course, you’d be referring to the Carlton cinema.
We spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday milling about in the landscaping place just east of Kitchener, the Belgian Nursery (or something to that effect). It was huge, and had everything from exotic plants (orchids, air plants, carnivorous things, etc.) to exotic cacti in a special dry and extremely hot greenhouse. Very neat place. I’m going to have to go back when I’ve got some more gardening plans.

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