Played paintball yesterday for the first time ever. I’m not into guns (real guns — things that shoot, things that hurt), though I am into first-person shooters, so I figured this was an acceptable compromise. Now I’m sore from jumping into trenches and getting shot, and I’ve got upwards of 9 welts on different parts of my body. Also, my neck is sunburnt, and I’ve got a few bug bites. Still, it was kind of fun, and I’d do it again, preferably on a cooler day, with less overhead sun.
One problem I had with the people who ran the paintball course was their choice of names for the different scenarios. It’s not very PC to name a scenario “Somalia”, or “Colombian Drug Raid”, or “Kill the President”. And the use of American and Chinese flags was a little unnerving — all this, coupled with the fact that many of our people were from Middle-East and South Asia made me worry that we’d be rounded-up by the RCMP and shipped off to Syria or Guantanamo.
Otherwise, I really need to improve on my shot/hit ratio.