… So Let’s Attack the Real Problem

Actually, this isn’t a bad idea. Since gays don’t threaten heterosexual marriage, but adultery does, go after adulterers.
News Analysis: Gays Don’t Threaten Heterosexual Marriage, Adultery Does
BuzzFlash didn’t come up with the idea, but we certainly could support a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit adultery. We would particularly like to see a provision that would allow for capital punishment for Republican politicians who run on a “family values” platform, but philander around while wifey is back in the home district.
As one astute political observer noted, gay marriage doesn’t pose any threat to heterosexual marriage, but hypocritical married politicians who bed young lasses (or lads) do.
So, if Bush wants to strengthen the institution of heterosexual marriage, he should propose a Constitutional Amendment to prohibit adultery.
After six years of a completely failed administration, with blood, death, and debt in its wake, the only fuel it appears to have to run on is bigotry, demagoguery, and an appeal to the basest instincts of Americans.