The Naked Truth About Sex Ed

A week ago, I got my hands on a book that big media has been afraid to touch. According to its author, a National Public Radio show said it was “too edgy” to review, while Newsweek said it was “inappropriate.”
No, it’s not Harry Potter or The Da Vinci Code. It’s a book on honest communication about sex, with an emphasis on sexual pleasure and emotional health. It recognizes that sex is so much more than intercourse and encourages readers to have an extensive pre-sex discussion, or PSD, before becoming sexually involved with a partner. And it advises not committing monogamously to one partner too soon.
Not so shocking until you realize that the book is written for teens and young adults, although author Dr. Roger Libby hopes parents and teachers will read and discuss it as well. And even though the title perfectly captures what’s between the covers — The Naked Truth About Sex: A Guide to Intelligent Sexual Choices for Teenagers and Twentysomethings — it is apparently so dangerous in America to acknowledge that teenagers have sexual feelings and behaviors that few media outlets are willing to risk bringing attention to it.
Wired News: The Naked Truth About Sex Ed