Female impersonation tarts up online games

When men appear as buxom, scantily clad females in video games like “World of Warcraft,” it is more about winning than finding an outlet for a real-world affinity for gender bending.
“It has nothing to do with exploration of sexual identity,” said Brenda Brathwaite, a game developer who delved into the subject for her book “Sex in Video Games,” set for release this fall.
While there are gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender-friendly groups that operate within massively multiplayer online games commonly referred to as MMOs, issues of sexual orientation take a backseat to slaying beasts or rival factions, researchers and gamers say.
“If you come out in ‘World of Warcraft’ it doesn’t matter. Who cares? You can be gay, straight, transgender. What matters is whether you can swing a sword,” said Brathwaite. “It’s pure MMO capitalism.”
Female impersonation tarts up online games | CNET News.com