Xbox 360 Halo 3 is inching closer…

Christmas will come early this year for Xbox 360 gamers; Microsoft has announced that Halo 3 is getting a brand new trailer for public consumption next Tuesday. News just don’t get any better than this.
From the release:
Fans worldwide can experience a thrilling look at the most anticipated game of 2007 with a special 60-second Halo 3 trailer; Microsoft announces first chance for North American gamers to participate in the Halo 3 Multiplayer Beta by entering at
Humanity is about to experience another exciting look at the world of Halo 3, one of the most anticipated entertainment launches for 2007. Airing in North America, Monday, Dec. 4 on ESPN s Monday Night Football and in Europe, the new 60-second Halo 3 trailer will offer viewers an exclusive look at the iconic Halo universe and provide telling, new hints as to what Bungie Studios has in store for the highly regarded game, which is published by Microsoft Game Studios and exclusive to Xbox 360.
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