Death by a hail of bloggers

I decided to let my eyes heal a bit, so I haven’t been blogging much. Everything’s going to be a little sore for the next couple of weeks/months.
More importantly though, I’m seriously beginning to rethink the whole blog concept. I’ve been at this for over 5 years now, and am running out of things I want to say to the outside world. Also, there’s been a little negative publicity with blogs recently. Yesterday Kimveer Gill, a 25-year-old Montrealer, walked into Dawson College and started shooting, &agrave la Columbine. While it’s not much of a “blog”, you can see his personal information here. Apparently, he expected to die either “like romeo and juliet or in a hail of gunfire”.
Not that I’m comparing myself to this person, but we both have blogs. Yes, I know … so do millions of other people. But I’m not sure I want to die in a horribly publicized event and have people digging through my blog archives looking for some kind of proof or explanation about why it all happened. Granted, we may not be too dissimilar, as people may go looking into my archives anyway and find that one of my previous goals in life was to take a bullet for someone. That’s pretty close to a “hail of gunfire”. It may be the opposite of what Kimveer Gill was thinking, but the way personal thoughts get taken out of context, especially when posted on online journals, who’s to say?
Here’s an interesting post about Kimveer Gill from (gasp!) another blogger.
For the record, my new goal in life is to live to a ripe old age, sailing around the world in my 42′ catamaran (named “The Turanga Leela”), painting pictures of island women on black velvet, and donating extensively to charity. Let’s see them try to twist that when I’m killed in a murderous rampage.
One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to judge a person solely by what they’ve put on their blog. If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that people say different things in public than they do in private, and their personal thoughts may never reach either of those two outlets. Lord knows I’ve said things on this blog I’m not proud of, yet there are things I would never publish on here. Certainly, not any kind of personal opinions. Believe me, if I’m mad at you, I’ll tell you straight up (this means you, Enrique, you asshole), not publish it on the web.

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