Oooh, he good card read.

I’ve been reviewing resumes (or résumés, if you insist) over the past couple of weeks. I just finished reading one, and was astonished by the number of spelling errors contained therein.
Apparently this candidate (and I use the term loosely) was familiar with some “Mdeamone [sic]” mail security application, though when I searched on Google, it kept asking me “Did you mean: Mdaemon?”
This person also has extensive experience with these mysterious “Viop [sic]” devices, though I have to admit I’m not much of an expert on them.
I laughed openly (scaring my co-workers) when they talked about their “Wireless Netwroks [sic]” knowledge. Heh. Wireless Net RAWKS!
It just didn’t seem like they had all the “Professional Expereince [sic]” they claimed.
Oh sure, fine. I understand English may not be their first language, and I’m plenty guilty when it comes to using language bad. However, this is their resume (sorry, résumé) — this is what they are using to impress other people. Me, I just blog online, and no one even reads my writing. Also, these errors are simple typos, which means they’re either ignoring Microsoft Word’s automated spell checker, or using something like vi to edit their resume (which would be soooo cool, if they only told me that).