Importing old entries and ranting about blogs

I’ve been working on importing some old blog entries from HTML into Movable Type this past week. Good to have everything in one place. This way, I’ll lose even more data if the hard drives crash.
Actually, going through some of the old blog entries was a little weird. I got to read over some of the childish things I’ve said in the past, and it occurred to me that I’ve kept this blog for over 5 years now (long before and long after it was cool). In my last post, I mentioned how I’m rethinking the whole blog project. I could just quit outright, or phase it out over time. But right now, I’m still thinking about it, and that’s problematic enough. I’ve spent a lot of time on this journal, and it would be a shame if this all got thrown out because I’ve fallen into a lazy spell again.
But it’s more than that. This whole recent trend of looking at a person’s blog after they’ve been made famous (i.e. by killing someone, or by killing themselves, or by dying in a freak accident, or by getting arrested, etc.) and picking out the juicy details — this must have really gotten to me. Perhaps I think I’m an easy target for this kind of thing (no, not killing a bunch of people, and not dying in a freak accident).
In the year of entries that were imported, I did plenty of silly things. I hid in a bunker for a number of days back in 2001, wore “questionable” t-shirts, made communist propaganda posters, downloaded music off the Internet, etc. I’ve even got pictures of people with guns on my site, and I’ve openly called myself a goth (I’m not really a goth. I’m more of a happy-go-lucky kind of guy).
For the most part, I’ve tried being something of a satirist or humorist — an Internet meme of my own (successful or no, I have at least tried). But what would the press think if I died tomorrow? Would they label me a Satanist? A communist? A killer of cats? A maker of Kraft Dinner recipes?
Who is this “Zuckervati”, really? Channel 7 news looked at his blog… and found some interesting things.
Truthfully, many of the entries were more authentic than others. I’ve written entries that were anti-social, temperamental, maudlin, and somewhat twee… sure, I’ll admit that. But where to divide the fictional and semi-fictional from the real thoughts and emotions, and from the stuff I didn’t post at all? In short, you can’t really learn anything about me from this journal, though you’d think you’d know everything about me.
I know… I perhaps shouldn’t worry too much about it. I’ve had fun so far. Maybe I can keep on having fun. I’ve just got to remember that while this is essentially a work of fiction (like any documentary film, or the American news channels) this is still a public record of myself. If I don’t want people to know something about me (i.e. that I secretly like Hello Kitty) then I shouldn’t post it.