Life goes on …

… and sometimes, not even.
That was my little joke to keep this week from being too gloomy. I attended the funeral for my grandmother on Monday. It was a sombre affair, but allowed me to get back in touch with relatives from my father’s side of the family. My grandmother was 89, so she ended up living quite a lot longer than I expect to. She was the last surviving grandparent of mine, and she will be missed dearly. She was cool.
She died six hours after I last saw her in the long-term care facility in Rockwood.
I did get to catch up on some juicy family gossip as well, although I didn’t go looking for any. Strange, isn’t it, how this stuff starts making its way around. Everyone is all happy to see you, giving you compliments … then they turn around and tell the next person all about you: your current and past relationships; your medical/financial situation; how you’re dressing these days; etc. Naturally, I didn’t get to hear the gossip about me, but I bet it was something fascinating.
I also got several invitations from family members across Canada. If I’m ever in Alberta or B.C., I’ll have several places to stay.
I was able to make contact with my cousin, who’s currently writing a book. She’s got some good contacts in the literary world, and I thought I might be able to get an opening for an illustrator friend of mine. She thinks I’m cool, so we’re even.

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