Trying to stay busy

R’s been busy with bellydancing, and her MBA and volunteer work, so I haven’t been seeing here as often as I’d like. I’ve been trying to stay busy this past couple of weeks, with house-upkeep, hobbies, work, etc.
I’ve been spending more time on my art blog recently because some art interest has come up suddenly. I’m in another show (it’s a one night show at the Walper), so I’ve been working on getting things presentable. This, in turn, has gotten me hammering the studio into shape; last night I was working at getting some more insulation into the cracks, and stapling vapour barriers into the remaining places, in preparation for some drywalling. I know, it’s taking forever to get this done.
I specifically bought a catalytic propane heater for the studio, and it’s been helping keep out the cold. I think I’ll be able to work over the winter in the studio without too many problems. Also, now that the old garage door has been replaced with a proper set of entrance doors, with nice windows, I can enter and leave without having to clear a path to the back of the building.

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